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Why Monacoin is not Just a cryptocurrency for Japan

Monacoin a cryptocurrency launched in 2013 on japan’s famous forum 2channel (‘ni-channeru’). With over 2000 active message board covering every topic of interest. One of the biggest and popular site in Japan.

Japan have never failed to amaze the world , Whether we talk about technology , culture , weird TV shows or promising new innovative ideas to be introduced to the world and to their own users .They have always walk through the phase of different channel where solutions are provided at a lightning fast pace, where people admire and respect the coerce on the particular job , even if it’s a small task . They are known polite to the world but faster in working and solution finder.

Sometimes world even wonder , how far japan can go to achieve the goals of the society , culture and technology.Nonetheless cryptocurrency was one of the few possible tasks where japan wants their own hold in digital world.The scrypt-based monacoin held 66th place, positioning for as long as week on Coinmarketcap and was in the main 10 on Cryptocoinrank – not with standing gauges that 90% of its user base is situated in Japan.

Why Monacoin was created ?

Like any other work ( Japanese wants something Japanese ) , whether we talk about , anime , technology or manga somebody have that issue with cryptocurrency as well in Japan with pseudonymous ‘Mr Watanabe’ who has never revealed his real identity. That may sound familiar. Unlike the equally publicity-shy Satoshi Nakamoto, however, monacoin users are almost certain that Mr. Watanabe is Japanese.

Big Events and Monacoin Shrine

WBS TV network in Tokyo, which ran a report on its program ‘World Business Satellite’. Viewers said the report was by and large positive in nature contrasted with Japanese standard TV’s scope of bitcoin, which tends to concentrate vigorously on Mt. Gox and the Silk Road.

The show mentioned a man that recently bought a plot of land in Nagano Prefecture with monacoin as mentioned in a tweet in 2014



“This piece of land was recently purchased for 32,001 MONA. ‘Mona’ is an internet-based ‘virtual currency’ unit started in Japan. Virtual currencies have been on the wane due to bitcoin’s scandals, but now the next trend is starting to appear from Japan. Report from our Economic Case Files.”


Just after that, monacoin shrine was placed in the forest , this was started as a joke from the community but somebody took it seriously. Now, after being 3 years past . Monacoin is no longer just a coin , it flows in the culture of japan. Japanese do believe in this cryptocurrency . It’s to motivate people to give out on the change which the world is thriving for .

Updates on Monacoin network , Market acceptance and Upcoming Rally

The development team have put monacoin for a lightning network testing and is currently in practice by the community members . The halving is in 6days ( at the point of writing ) . You can watch the current block on and exact timings for upcoming halving here.

Currently Major exchange in Japan Zaif is accepting for fiat currency. You can also use shapeshift for swapping your coins instantly with your bitcoin . Monacoin is the only digital coin next to bitcoin which is being accepted in japan for images , comics , digital goods , repairing services as well .You can also make payments through monacoin on e-commerce sites . The most famous . They also provide wallet to store your monacoin . Twitch channel owners are also accepting monacoin for their work on their channel.

Upcoming Rally is being organized by monacoin community members to spread awareness in japan through a very fun activity . Prize is 390 Monacoin . You can even convert it into fiat there are more than hundred ATM throughout japan where monacoin is being accepted next to bitcoin acceptance .

You can participate in this rally by submitting your poster for the event . Maybe one of the readers got lucky on this. Below is the community twitter account where you can submit your artwork for monacoin.

You can read the English translation for participation in monacoin here . This is a step by step guide how to participate . Rally duration 1st August 2017 to 30th August 2017 .

Monacoin is not just a digital currency for Japan . It’s KAWAII , part of japanese culture where cats are more liked than any other country in the world . Monacoin is an effort towards the new era of digitization of payments.

I would like to thank Monacoin Community for Helping in research on monacoin and “Misonikomi” for doubts and deep discussion on this .

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  • みそにこみ@モナコインポスターラリー

    Monacoin-chan wins the 5th prize at first participation.

    From 1st to 3rd Prize are awarded to the regular mascot character,and 4th Prize is awarded to the mascot character of the huge company in Japan.

    So,it’s the miracle!


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